Digital platform involves internet and mobile phone related businesses. BECi Corporation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of the Company, officially debuted CH3plus online platform, as the Company’s official content producer and provider. Mello allows viewers to watch re-run contents, original contents, as well as the content jointly produced with both our domestic and international partners.
During the first quarter of 2021, our digital services business was upgraded by launching “CH3Plus Premium”. To bring artists and viewers as well as fans closer to them through live virtual "CH3plus The moment", such as, “Gulf the Next Stage” was Livestream Concert, “Meaningful day” was Reality 6 hours with Mean Phiravich's one-day life, “Dare to Dance/Dare to love” was Livestream concert, which allowed singing, playing, dancing, and talking by Bella and Peak. There were 3 auctions of the celebrity’s beloved things. for donations.
Online media access channels with Channel 3 include
  • https://ch3plus.com
  • CH3 Plus Application both of iOS and Android
  • Facebook.com/Ch3Thailand
  • Youtube.com/Ch3Thailand
  • Instagram.com/Ch3Thailand
  • Twitter.com/Ch3Thailand
  • Line Official Account: Ch3Thailand