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Message from Chairman of the Board

Dear Shareholders of BEC World Public Company Limited

The year of 2021 was another year that BEC World Public Company Limited or (“BEC Group” or the “Company”) had to face the outbreak of the Coronavirus or “COVID-19”. There were several outbreaks in the past year, especially during the 3rd quarter of 2021, when there was a widespread transmission of the Delta Coronavirus Variant in Thailand. This has resulted in the restrictions on economic activities under strict controlled measures for several months, including during the period of the transmission of new Omicron Variant at the end of the year. In this connection, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected Thailand’s economy, consumer behavior and business operations that the organization had to make some adjustments to cope with various situations. With regard to the business operation according to the Business Continuity Plan, which the Company has operated since 2020 until the present in 2021, the Board of Directors, executives and all employees of BEC Group have cooperatively applied knowledges, skills, expertise and experiences trying to manage the business proactively by applying the flexibility and agility to adjust operational plans to maximize benefits and efficiency to the fullest potential, including taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of disease among the employees by strictly comply with various measures, leading to a very satisfactory result.

Advertising revenue of BEC Group in 2021 was Baht 4,834 million, increased by 1.6% comparing to 2020, with revenue in the amount of Baht 4,758 million. Although the overall advertising revenue in the media industry was slightly decreased, the Company gained the increased advertising revenue, especially from news programs which were adjusted to be more interesting.

The revenue from licensing and other services was Baht 846 million, decreased by 19.7 % comparing to the revenue in 2017, which was resulted from the removal of the budget of BEC-Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited from the consolidated financial statements and the decreased revenue from global content licensing in the amount of Baht 226 million, representing 45% from last year. The revenue from digital platform was increased by 40 % from last year, making the total revenue at Baht 600 million. However, the revenue from two businesses was Baht 826 million or a decrease by 1.4 % from last year.

Since the Company did not have revenue from organizing concerts and shows in 2021, resulting from the removal of the budget of the BEC-Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited from the consolidated financial statements since 8 December 2020 onwards, the overall revenue of BEC Group was at Baht 5,719 million, decreased by 3.7 % from the revenue in 2020 at Baht 5,937 million from last year. However, the advertising revenue was the main revenue of the Company, approximately at 85%, while the revenue from licensing and other services was estimated at 15% of the overall revenue.

From the restructuring of the organization and reduction of costs from various projects continuously, the cost of sales and services of the Company in 2021 decreased by 17.1% to Baht 3,789 million, while sales and administrative expenses greatly reduced by 43% to Baht 766 million.

As a result, the Company’s net profit in 2021 was at Baht 762 million, or an increase by 456% comparing with the operating result in 2020 at a net loss of Baht 214 million, net cash flow from the operation of Baht 3,615 million, cash and cash equivalence in the statement of financial position amounted to Baht 4,718 million at the end of 2021. As such, the Company had more strength of financial position than the previous year. The Company’s operating result was better and the performance turned to profit for six consecutive quarters from the 3rd quarter of 2020 to the 4th quarter of 2021.

As a result of the success of the Company which turned to profit in 2021, BEC Group has followed BEC Group’s new strategy in 2022 accordingly, focusing on customers and driving to revenue and profit from new businesses according to a new vision, “Thailand’s Leading Content & Entertainment Platform” and emphasizing that Channel 3 is not just a Thai television station anymore, the management team is committed to build the BEC Group to be a Lean organization and Leveraging CH3 creative DNA to deliver fresh and engaging content for today’s users, and technology to deliver innovation and effective media, across all screens, beyond Thailand.

With the strategic goals as follows:

  1. Maintain the original market positions, build more strength in the viewers in big cities and expand new viewer bases - TV business.
  2. Build new revenue generation and distribution and accelerate revenues from other businesses, including:
    1. Global Content Licensing Business
    2. Digital Platform Business
    3. Music Business
    4. Movie business
  3. BEC Studio: To support business expansion, the Company has established additional production unit to produce contents for broadcasting or streaming on the Company’s platforms (TV33HD and CH3Plus) and other platforms in Thailand and overseas, including creating Original Contents and On-Demand Contents.
  4. Build financial strength. In 2022, the Company will pay off the debentures in the amount of Baht 1,000 million, resulting in a reduction of liabilities from Baht 3,000 million to Baht 2,000 million.

In addition, in order to make the sustainable profits to the Company, as a media that delivers contents, news and entertainment to viewers around the country through television screens and other platforms, resulting in a wide and diversified stakeholders, the Company has realized the importance of all stakeholders from upstream to downstream, directly and indirectly throughout the value chain of the business, therefore, the Company has appointed a committee to develop the sustainability in order to monitor, control and drive practical policies in sustainability dimension together with providing executives and working groups from related line of work to be able to work in accordance with the social and environmental policies of the organization. In this regard, the Board of Directors has approved the Sustainability Development Policy and announced to the public on 18 December 2021 completely. There are 4 policy guidelines as follows:

  1. Business procedure
    The Company is committed to produce content and mass media business as being the role model for society, responding customer needs efficiently to develop sustainable growth business.
  2. Care and development of human resources
    The Company is committed to create opportunities for employees to learn and develop their potential in various areas for employees to lead the Company towards its goals within the framework of sustainability
  3. Social risk management
    The Company is committed to create benefits to society taking into account the needs of society and responding strategically including integration with partners from other sections for the sustainable development of Thai society.
  4. Environmental risk management
    The Company is committed to actively reduce the impact of climate change by providing knowledge and understanding through contents to inspire society to care for the environment sustainably.

Finally, On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our shareholders, customers, agencies, partners, artists, directors, and employees for the ongoing support. We are committed to perform our duties to create maximum benefit to all groups of shareholders and stakeholders with fairness, and take care of environment and society to sustainably grow together with the Company and make BEC Group to grow as our vision, to be leading content and entertainment platform of Thailand to build a solid foundation for the Company and to find new sources of sustainable revenue and profitability.

Mr. Somchai Boonnamsiri

The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Organization Chart